Personal information collection statement

  1. ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited ("EMHK") may collect personal data and information from the Cardmember in the registration form or any time thereafter in connection with the Cardmember's participation in the Smiles Driver Rewards Programme ("Programme") or otherwise as part of the ongoing services provided to the Cardmember by EMHK. The data that EMHK may ask the Cardmember to supply includes but is not limited to name, address, telephone number and email address of the Cardmember ("Personal Data").
  2. The Cardmember agrees that the Personal Data may be used by EMHK for the purposes of:
    1. creating and maintaining the Cardmember's account and managing his/her continued participation in the Programme as well as other purposes relating to the Programme;
    2. verifying the Cardmember's eligibility to participate in the Programme;
    3. verifying the Cardmember's identity;
    4. providing the Cardmember with services and benefits under the Programme;
    5. contacting the Cardmember about his/her account and suspension/termination of the Programme and details of any replacement programme (if applicable);
    6. providing the Cardmember with customer service; and
    7. for statistical analysis and market research purposes.
  3. EMHK may obtain the Personal Data from and/or provide or transfer the Personal Data to its Affiliates and third parties that provide administrative, payment, collection, business and operational support to EMHK and its Affiliates ("Specified Third Parties") in connection with the purposes stated in paragraph (b) above within or outside Hong Kong. EMHK may also disclose, within or outside Hong Kong, the Cardmember's Personal Data to any proposed or actual partner, participant, assignee or transferee of any part or all of EMHK's operation or business (including without limitation, the Programme). In addition, EMHK may disclose the Cardmember's Personal Data in order to comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) ("PDPO"), or where otherwise required by law.
  4. The Cardmember also agrees that EMHK may use the Personal Data to provide the Cardmember with marketing materials relating to its loyalty programs, discount card programs, bank card programs, private label card programs, fleet card programs, other petroleum related programs developed by EMHK from time to time, marketing materials relating to service station convenience store promotions, fuel and lubricant promotions as well as lubricant promotions of its authorised lubricant distributors ("Marketing Materials"). EMHK may transfer the Personal Data to its Affiliates and the Specified Third Parties for the purpose of providing Marketing Materials to the Cardmember. EMHK will not disclose the Personal Data to other third parties for marketing by such third parties without the Cardmember’s consent.
  5. At initial registration, the Cardmember may require EMHK or any of the persons stated in paragraph (d) not to use the Personal Data for direct marketing purposes by ticking the box in the registration form when returning the completed form to any Esso or Feoso service stations for his/her registration.
  6. Under the PDPO, Cardmembers have the right to request access to and correction of any personal data that they provide to EMHK. In addition, Cardmembers may request EMHK or any of the persons stated in paragraph (d) to cease to use the Cardmember's Personal Data for direct marketing purposes at any time. In these cases, Cardmembers may make such a request in writing to the Customer Service Manager, ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited, P.O. Box No. 12286, General Post Office, Hong Kong or any other address that may be notified to the Cardmember by EMHK from time to time. Cardmembers may also call the Customer Service Centre on 3197-8188 (press '2' for English and then press '3' for Smiles) during normal office hours.
  7. "Affiliates" shall mean all entities that are within the ExxonMobil group of companies which provide administrative, business and operational support or services to EMHK.
  8. The above is written in both Chinese and English. In case of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.